ZIEL INTERNATIONAL is a family-owned professionally managed organization specialized in meeting the demands of its customers and exceeding their expectations. Combining a balance mix of invaluable experience, education and energy, the management team at ZIEL is motivated to guide the company towards serving the requirements of its customers.

ZIEL's management comprises of two similar minded leaders, different in their qualities, but common in their goals.

S. A. Shaikh, Director

Backed by more than forty years of technical experience, he is the man behind the success of ZIEL INTERNATIONAL. His inexhaustible experience has been in the field of manufacturing automobile parts and he was the founder member and Technical Director at a sister company for more than four decades.

Mr. S. A. Shaikh is a born engineer and the backbone of ZIEL's manufacturing. He is responsible for the efficient and economical manufacturing capabilities that ZIEL possesses which bring value to its customers.

He is also keen to keep ZIEL abreast with the latest in the industry. Never hesitant to change, he is the force and the motivation to ensure that ZIEL is capable of giving newer and better products.

A veteran in the industry, his enthusiasm to bring his experience into any development ensures guaranteed success for ZIEL.

Fuaad Shaikh, Director

An Automobile Engineer from Germany, Fuaad is the young blood into ZIEL INTERNATIONAL. Having studied and worked in Germany, he has firsthand experience of the most efficient working methods in the world, which he has brought into practice at ZIEL.

Before joining ZIEL, he worked for six years with a sister company that also manufactures and exports automobile parts where he was responsible for sales to Europe and Latin America. Fuaad is thus well versed with the working of this industry. In addition to English, Fuaad is also fluent in business German language which makes customers comfortable in the dealing and it has also been very useful for ZIEL to understand and expand into the European market.

Being the young blood and the new generation into this business, Fuaad has brought many positive changes in the technical capabilities. His enthusiastic approach enables ZIEL to cope with the changing market dynamics of today's time.

By bringing his education, dynamism and international exposure into the company, Fuaad has built ZIEL into an efficient organization working to world-class standards.

The highly ambitious management has a vision to grow and achieve new heights. The right balance of energy and experience makes for the perfect formula for the success of ZIEL INTERNATIONAL in which the ultimate winner is the customer.

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