Spring Pins

Spring pins are used in combination with spring bushes. We manufacture spring pins in steels based on customer requirements and its applications. We partner with the best steel producers for our raw material requirements.

Spring pins are subject to heavy impact loads. To endure this, our spring pins are case hardened to give the strength and flexibility to endure this.

We manufacture the following types of spring pins:

Spring Pins

Most commercial vehicles use these types of pins for their suspension. Our precisely machined and closely ground spring pins fit perfectly on spring bushes. Made with the right grade steel and case hardened to have a longer life, our customers get products to satisfy all their needs.

We also manufacture Spring Pin Kits, which is a total replacement solution.

Threaded Spring Pins

Threaded spring pins are used in some commercial vehicles such as Volvo, Scania, Mack, Freightliner, Kenworth, etc. They are used together with Threaded Spring Bushes. The threads are rolled to achieve maximum strength. These are then case hardened to achieve uniform hardness on the threaded surface.

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